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Liane Brown - textile
Liane Brown - textile
Liane Brown - textile
Liane Brown - textile
Image Shifting

For quite some time my goal in photography has been to find a way to provide a more impactful visual experience for the viewer of the subjects I photographed. Over the past few years, I discovered that using a particular combination of different graphic and photographic image editing techniques provided a path to my artistic vision of the original photographic subject. 

These unique processing steps provide bright, bold images with brilliant luminescence and strong color saturation, bringing more depth to the photographic image. This culminates into a richer and more dynamic viewing experience. 

The final artwork is produced using a high-definition dye sublimation printing method on an aluminum platform and finished with a high-gloss coating.  "Images printed in this manner take on an almost magical and radiant light with vibrant colors and exceptional detail which produce breathtaking works of art.” 

Adrian Skiles

Adrian’s love for photography began in the 1970s in the vast landscapes of the American West where road trips on his motorcycle led him through the deserts of California to the peaks of the Rockies. He has also traveled the world photographing people, landscapes and more from Africa, Europe to SE Asia. 

Over the past years, taking what he accomplished in the darkroom and applying it to the digital platform, he has combined his eye for visual subtly and his unique perspective to create a collection of images that are intensely bold and bright representations of everyday life.

Adrian has lived in many parts of the U.S. and is now a resident of Santa Fe, NM where he continues to draw inspiration from the land, the culture and the people.