About Us:
On December 15, 1965, the Temple of Mercy Religious Foundation 
(T.O.M.) was incorporated as a New Mexico non-profit corporation by 
Rev. Ruth Johnson, Rev. Jay Victor Scherer and Tomasita Naranjo. The 
primary intent of the organization was to express the importance of 
the personal religious or spiritual experience gained from the 
practice of an individually chosen belief system. This was partly 
manifested through community service.

Rev. Ruth Johnson, the first president of T.O.M. was a local artist. 
In 1999, ten years after her death, the direction of the group sought 
to include the promotion of artists and their art in the Northern New 
Mexico area. Board President Gail Karr and a committee established 
the Northern New Mexico Fine Arts and Crafts Guild a year later. The 
Guild activities now focus on arts and crafts shows and the Plaza 
Space to highlight the excellence of art and working artists of 
Northern New Mexico. There are now five juried arts and crafts shows 
each year. Future directions include encouraging young talented high 
school students through show venues and apprenticeship programs as well as an older women's living cooperative.
Northern New Mexico Fine Arts and Crafts Guild
We are a New Mexico nonprofit corporation, a project of the T.O.M. founded in 1965, a 501(c) organization.
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