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Liane Brown - textile
Liane Brown - textile
Liane Brown - textile
Liane Brown - textile

Supporting Afromationpottery feels a bit like being a “rebel with a cause”. Each piece is crafted with passion, revealing a message of freedom, of humanity, and of growth. Her pottery is designed to be useful and unique, as well as affordable enough to allow anyone to participate in the fine art world and enjoy something beautiful in their home. Her natural and vegan fibers are all ethically sourced from local sources and can be used in a myriad of projects and are as beautiful as they are varied.

"My goal as an artist is to be intersectional, bringing people together in a unique, useful way." - Denise Belt
Liane Brown - textile
Liane Brown - textile
Denise Belt

The whirlwind woman behind Afromationpottery is Denise Belt. Denise was born in El Paso, TX and currently resides in Santa Fe, NM. She has been happily married for over twenty years and has two incredible children and is raising her niece. They enjoy traveling to new places as often as possible. 

Denise found a passion for art at 
a young age and excelled at it throughout her school career, continuing her pursuit of creativity. 

Her passion has only expanded over the years as she has channeled her creativity into a 
way to inspire inclusion and empathy. Being part of a group that is regularly under and misrepresented in the world, Denise strives through her work and personal life to bring inclusion for all genders, races, sexualities and relationship styles. She wants her work to stand for the people and it is the knowledge that we 
are all experiencing this life together - no matter who we choose to love, what we look 
like, or how much money we 
make or don’t - that drives her 
to keep creating.  

The humble beginnings at her kitchen table led to shelves too 
full to manage, pushing her to begin selling her work so she could continue doing what she loved so much. It is her hope that her works give a voice to people who might otherwise have none. ​
Liane Brown - textile
Liane Brown - textile
2023 - July

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