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Liane Brown - textile
Liane Brown - textile
Liane Brown - textile
Madina Croce Fine Art

"My style is bold, colorful, impressionistic, and energetic", says Madina. "I am intrigued by backlighting, and I try to capture the way the sun illuminates things. I use palette knife imposto in combination with transparent brushwork, on Belgian linen canvases. My collectors tell me my paintings feel three-dimensional."

Madina paints "en plein air", (meaning in fresh air, on location) and loves it. "It has taught me so much," she says. "Always a challenge, I believe there is no substitute for painting from life. I also have a fabulous garden which I am always painting from."

"I love to paint water, flowers, and the changing seasons, as these help me to feel connected with our earth and to be grounded. I think in painting, as in life, there is ever more to learn and it just keeps expanding." 

Most of my large landscapes are done from smaller plein air studies, so I can feel and transmit the emotional essence of the place: the time of day, season, and mood. I paint my flowers from life. I hope to keep painting for at least as long as my grandmother did!"

Madina Croce, "DINI"
Santa Fe
Liane Brown - textile
2023 - July

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Liane Brown - textile