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Liane Brown - textile
Liane Brown - textile
Liane Brown - textile
Necessary Little Luxuries

Necessary Little Luxuries creates hand knitted wearable accessories for the hands, shoulders, neck and head. Products include hand warmers, arm warmers, short fingered gloves, wrist warmers. scarves, cowls, ponchos, shawls, shawletttes and hats.

Necessary Little Luxuries is dedicated to bringing a bit of hand knitted luxury to your daily life. We take as our starting point the finest yarns available that are ever so soft and irresistible to the touch. Then we invoke our playful, creative spirit and sense of style and color to create unique products that are artful and fashionable as well as practical.

Co-owner/artist, Kathy Konecki, an experienced designer and knitter, loves to imagine the soft fibers and deep colors of our luxurious accessories warming the hands, necks and shoulder of women and men everywhere. They started Necessary Little Luxuries in 2009 with Helen Spector and have been offering their products for sale through shops and shows ever since​. 
Liane Brown - textile
Liane Brown - textile
Kathy Konecki

Kathy is an experienced knitter who was taught how to knit by her mother when she was ten years old. She put her knitting aside to focus on a career in the corporate world, but picked up the needles again in 2001 when she decided to leave the stress and intensity of the corporate world behind her. ‘I rediscovered the meditative and relaxing aspects of knitting and really enjoy feeding my creative side, which I generally ignored for most of my working life.”